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Reset Printers in the mode "On-line"

It is frequently necessary to sew vehicles on a network, and it requires certain preparation.

It is important to understand that sewing will be high-usage directly in your printer on a network. Therefore at the order of sewing your device must be connected to the computer, installetions and to have an exit in the network of Internet.

1. Connect the printer to the computer by usbcable and install it.

2. Install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 program (only for OS older than Windows 7)
3. Set Plugin ClickOnce for your browser (Internet Explorer supports by default)

Plugin for Google Chrome
Plugin for Firefox

4. Click on link, which you get after payment for firmware

test link: (_http://rps-mastertech.com/Services/PrinterChatClient.application?order=7570cece-8b62-4ad6-952b-828135c9cee0)

5. After it firmware download begins (downloading time is about 2-4 min depend of internet)
6. Wait until the printer reprograms (1-3 min) and restarts ( if indicator blink that’s mean that printer start reprograming)
7. After that the reprogramming process is finished, restart the printer

Warning! Firmware will be available for installation only for 6 hours! So please make sure you will be able to install firmware during 6 hours before ordering it!