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Виберіть в меню модель, що цікавить вас.

Щоб замовити необхідну прошивку, заповните поля форми в правій колонці Внутренняя ссылка открывается в текущем окневідповідної сторінки.

Fix Firmware

with protecting from updating (NU)

As is generally known, as many users began to use the unoriginal fix, a corporation " Samsung" decided to upgrade over the Internet (unobtrusively offering to the client it to do for safety and improvement of quality), more new firmware, replacing the same the corrected firmware that users of install the vehicles. If an user on a carelessness put such updating, then to print the tucked in cartridge he already will not be able, and necessary again to sew the printer. In this connection, the producers of the unoriginal firmware began to offer to the sale firmware that have protecting from updating from the web-site of company " Samsung". Id est, if you will sew the device such firmware, then to load a danger on imprudence original firmware from updating disappears.