Reset Fix Firmware Xerox WC-3215 / WC-3225

Instraction for Install Fix Firmware Xerox WC-3215, WC-3215NI, WC-3225, WC-3225DN, WC-3225DNI

To create Fix firmware necessary to know:  

  • Model (correctly a model is indicated on the corps of printer, but not in a report!),
  • S/N (Series Namber);
  • CRUM (chip cartridge);
  • Version Firmware.

This infirmation can be found the printing: Configuration Report and Supplies Information Report.

Bring in the data obtained from reports in "Form of Order" in the right column of this page and push the button " Order Now".

Printing of report of Xerox WC-3215, WC-3215NI, WC-3225, WC-3225DN, WC-3225DNI

To print the Report:

On the panel of printer push the button Machine Status :[ i ]on a display the name of division will appear:{ Informative pages } / { Info. Pages }press [ OK ]. Pushing button [ ▼ ], choose a point: { Configuration }or { Supplies Info. } Press [ OK ][ OK ]A corresponding report will be unsealed.

Сompatibility Fix Firmware

WC-3215, WC-3215NI, WC-3225, WC-3225DN, WC-3225DNI V3.50.01.08-11 V3.50.01.08

Install FIX Firmware Xerox Phaser 3260, 3052NI

In the got archive

1. Load original firmware in FORCE MODE Downlod original from Начинается скачивание файлаhere 

2. Set „firmware Upgrade” ON by quickly typing the following combination of keys MENU # 1934 - OK –DIAGNOSTIC MODE – DATA SETUP - F/W UPGRADE - ON - OK

3 Load First_WC3225_V3.50.01.08.hd in NORMAL MODE

4 Load FIX_XXXXXXXXXX_Second_WC3225_V3.50.01.08.hd in FORCE MODE 

5. After automatically restart, cover/remove the chips from cartridge + image unit 

Caution!!! After you have succesfully reprogrammed the printer, remove the chip from the cartridge and store it somewhere safely (the chip – a key). In all cartridges which you are going to use in the printer, the chip has to be either removed or sealed. If you have accidently inserted a new cartridge without removing the chip, the device will be blocked. In order to unblock it, you can use the stored chip as a key which help you to unblock the printer.



The successful install fix firmware is guaranteed only with an original chip in a cartridge!

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