Reset Fix Firmware Samsung SL-M2870, SL-M2875

Instraction for Install Fix Firmware Samsung Xpress  SL-M2870FD, SL-M2870FW, SL-M2875FD, SL-M2875FW

To create Fix firmware Samsung Xpress Series necessary to know:  

  • Model (correctly a model is indicated on the corps of printer, but not in a report!),
  • S/N (Series Namber);
  • CRUM (chip cartridge);
  • Version Firmware.

This infirmation can be found the printing: Configuration Report and Supplies Information Report.

Bring in the data obtained from reports in "Form of Order" in the right column of this page and push the button " Order Now".

Printing of report of Samsung Xpress   SL-M2870FD, SL-M2870FW, SL-M2875FD, SL-M2875FW

From Menu:



Can happen so, that the resource of chip is fully used up and instead of CRUM- of number you will see inscription of "Please replace". In this case  printing of report is possible from service menu. (Teach Mode).


[ Menu ] [ # ] [ 1 ] [ 9 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ Menu ] [Report] [Configuratuon] ->
[ Menu ] [ # ] [ 1 ] [ 9 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ Menu ] [Report] [Supplies] ->

At the complete blocking of vehicle, for printing of report it is necessary to replace a chip in a cartridge on the original working.

After Reset is necessary only refill toner cartridge.

Сompatibility Fix Firmware

SL-M2870FD, SL-M2870FW
SL-M2875FD, SL-M2875FW

Install FIX Firmware reset Samsung SL-M2870

In the got archive

To settle updating of fix firmware of Samsung Xpress SL - M2870F/ SL - M2870FD/ SL - M2870FW/ SL - M2875FD/ SL - M2875FW

Collect combination of buttone in a service menu:

[ Menu ] [ # ] [ 1 ] [ 9 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ Menu ] Further: { TECH MODE } { DATA SETUP } { FLASH UPGRADE } { ON } { OK }


Included in a force mode for Samsung Xpress SL - M2870F/ SL - M2870FD/ SL - M2870FW/ SL - M2875FD/ SL - M2875FW


On turned off printer press and retain the button [ Stop ]. Switch printer the button [ Power ]. When on the display of printer a report will appear: { Download Mode. Press Stop Key } release the button [ Stop ] and quickly repeatedly push the button [ Stop ] At successful included in a force mode, on a display a report will appear: { Wait Image }

Further: to extract a chip from a cartridge or glue up it. A chip needs to be saved as " Key".

After a restart a printer already will work without a chip on a cartridge.

Caution!!! After you have succesfully reprogrammed the printer, remove the chip from the cartridge and store it somewhere safely (the chip – a key). In all cartridges which you are going to use in the printer, the chip has to be either removed or sealed. If you have accidently inserted a new cartridge without removing the chip, the device will be blocked. In order to unblock it, you can use the stored chip as a key which help you to unblock the printer.



The successful install fix firmware is guaranteed only with an original chip in a cartridge!

To Order Fix

Original Firmware


20 M

19.9 M

20 M