Reset Fix Firmware Samsung SL-M2020

Instraction for Reset Fix Firmware Samsung SL-M2022, SL-M2022W,SL-M2024, SL-M2024W, SL-M2028, SL-M2028W.

Order Fx Firmware:

To create Fix firmware Samsung Xpress Series necessary to know:

  • Model (correctly a model is indicated on the corps of printer, but not in a report!), 
  • S/N (Series Namber);
  • CRUM (chip cartridge);
  • Version Firmware.

This infirmation can be found the printing: Configuration Report and Supplies Information Report.

Bring in the data obtained from reports in "Form of Order" in the right column of this page and push the button " Order Now".

Printing of report of Samsung Xpress  SL-M2022 / SL-M2022W, SL-M2024/2024W, SL-M2028/2028W

ATTENTION! Printing of report is possible, if a printer is not blocked!

Printing of Сonfiguration eport :

press and retain the button [ PrintScreen ] (or [ WPS ] for M2022W) about 10 seconds (until the indicator of STATUS will not begin to blink), will release the button.

Printing of Supplies Information Report :

press and retain the button [ PrintScreen ] / [ WPS ] about 15 seconds (until the indicator of STATUS will not begin to burn constantly), will release the button.

After Reset is necessary only refill toner cartridge MLT-D111S.

Сompatibility Fix Firmware

SL-M2022, SL-M2022W, SL-M2024, SL-M2024W,
SL-M2028, SL-M2028W
v3.xx.01.02-11 v3.xx.01.11

Install FIX Firmware reset Samsung SL-M2022

In the got archive

1. At the beginning of load firmware in the printer file First_SL-M2022_v3.00.01.xx

2. Then in forced mode a Fix_***CRUM****_Second_SL-M2022_v3.00.01.xx of the file.

Included in a force mode for install fix firmware Samsung Xpress SL - M2022 / SL - M2022W

On the turned off printer press and retain the button [ PrintScreen ] (or [ WPS ] for M2022W)

Press and retain the button [ POWER ], through ~ 1 cut 

Release both buttons.

At successful included in a force mode, the indicator of TONER must burn up red light, STATUS - orange.

Caution!!! After you have succesfully reprogrammed the printer, remove the chip from the cartridge and store it somewhere safely (the chip – a key). In all cartridges which you are going to use in the printer, the chip has to be either removed or sealed. If you have accidently inserted a new cartridge without removing the chip, the device will be blocked. In order to unblock it, you can use the stored chip as a key which help you to unblock the printer.



The successful install fix firmware is guaranteed only with an original chip in a cartridge!

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