Rules of the use of the program "Firmware online" service of "Online24Fix"


1.1. A legal owner is a possessor of absolute titles on "Firmware online" software - Online24Fix
1.2. A simple non-exclusive license -  is a non-exclusive right to use the Program copy in a network the Internet for working as of service under a mark legal Owner the name, without a right for alteration or another processing, without a right for distribution.
1.3. The program - is an object of intellectual property (program "Firmware online", and also her component parts and modifications), rights on that belong "Online24Fix". "Generator of sewing" is shortly named.
1.4. FIX (Sewing) - created (generated) through "Firmware online" микропрограмма for printers or МФУ (Multifunction device) Samsung, Xerox, Dell.
1.5. Requiring payment package - service gives to Users three tariff plans: Standart, Silver, Gold. More detailed about tariff plans read on a web-site (reference).An user must choose one of three tariff plans, that arranges him. Chosen tariff plan and is the requiring "Payment package".
1.6. Webserver - a server, with the Program set on him, being property of "Online24Fix".
1.7. A registration record is a record, containing information necessary for authentification of user during connecting to Program.
1.8. The use of the program is any actions related to functioning of Program in accordance with her setting.
1.9. The personal area (Account) is the informative resource, given for every User, being totality of these and programmatic instruments, functioning within the framework of Program "Firmware online".
1.10. A center Supports is a web-site of legal Owner, internet located in a network to address of and giving reference and information materials on work with Program, and also forms for the serve of appeals for Service of Support.




2.1. The real Rules are an obligating agreement between User and "Online24Fix".

2.2. If User does not accept the condition of data of Rules in full, he has no authority to use Program in some aims. The use of Program with violation (by non-fulfillment) of some from the terms of Rules is forbidden.

2.3. The legal owner of property rights on Program is "Online24Fix".



3.1. A right for the use gets Program to User exceptionally by access to her through a network the internet on Web- server of "Online24Fix". The program is not passed physically to User on material carriers.

3.2. For the use of Program User registers oneself on the web-site of with the chosen login and password. After it User gets by an e-mail an informative letter with information necessary for access to placed on Web- server to the Program copy. Such transmission is considered beginning of the use of Program within the framework of the package chosen by User.

3.3. For acquisition of the requiring payment licensed package User gives a request on acquisition of access in obedience to the chosen tariff Skeletal code by means of filling of electronic form on the web-site of or electronic letter on the address of Administrator, as a result Order is formed on acquisition of one or another package, further is Order.

3.4. At filling of Order User specifies the necessary package of Program on that access is acquired.

3.5. Depending on existent Tariffs, package chosen by User to подлежащит payment User on the stated below terms.

3.6. A right on the use of Program within the framework of the booked licensed package gets to User during 24 hours from the moment of implementation by User of the obligations under payment in accordance with the terms of the real Rules.

3.7. The fact of grant to User of right on the use of Program is confirmed by sending by means of electronic connection of informative letter with information, confirmative acquisition of package for chosen Tariff плалана.

3.8. Term of action of Package - one calendar month.

3.9. An user to completion of term of action of the prepaid licensed Package acquires for legal Owner a license to a new term. If upon termination of term of action of the prepaid licensed package, User did not pay the licensed package on a new term, then he continues to use Program within the limits of remain of facilities on the account. Access to the account is open User.

3.10. In case if to the moment of expiration of term of action of the prepaid licensed Package there are facilities on the account of User, then they are added to new payment.

3.11. At payment of cost of license of Online24Fix gives to User access to Program on the period of action of Package (см. of п.3.9. Governed). Beginning of next duration of license is calculated from the date of the first payment (actual number of every month) :
it is a date of receipt of payment from User according to the terms of the real Rules : number, month, year.
it is an expiration of current term of action of Package date: ХХ-число of every subsequent month, year.


4.1. Right and duties User :

4.1.1. An user has a right to use the requiring payment version of Program in accordance with the terms of the licensed package for the personal aims and in economic activity, вкллючая cases of resale and lease.

4.1.2. An user has a right to use Program within the framework of free access in acquainting aims unlimited period of time.

4.1.3. List given to User of rights (п.4.1.1. and п.4.1.2.) is exhaustive and not subject to expansive interpretation.4.1.4. An user is under an obligation to use Program only within the limits of those rights and by those methods that is envisaged by the real Rules.

4.1.5. An user is not right: - to make alteration in the programmatic modules, structure of database, Program documentation;
- деассемблировать, to decompile, restructure and create own software a derivant from Program;
- to circulate them or distribute, copy fully or partly the elements of interface without writing permission of legal Owner;
- to carry out the Program (processing creation on his basis new, creatively independent program for COMPUTER (of database) (or making alteration, being not his processing);
- to give to the sub-lisence on some use of Program or her parts to the third persons.

4.1.6. An user has a right to yield (to pass) fully right and duties by this agreement to the third person only on condition of notification of legal Owner. The concession (transmission) of rights and duties comes true only on condition of complete and unreserved consent of the third person with all positions and conditions of this agreement.

4.2. Right and duties Online24Fix :

4.2.1. Online24Fix is right in the one-sided order to produce new releases and Program versions, set the terms of their grant to User.

4.2.2. Online24Fix is right for execution of obligations by this agreement to attract the third persons.

4.2.3. Online24Fix is obligated during 2th (two) working days from the moment of execution by User of obligations under payment to give to User of right for the use by Program and to provide access to Program on Web- server of Online24Fix.

4.2.4. Online24Fix is obligated to provide functioning of Program twenty-four-hour, except for time of realization of плановых works making no more than 24 hours in a month.

4.2.5. Online24Fix вправе отказать в предоставлении Пользователю прав использования Программы, заблокировать и удалить данные Личной области Пользователя в случае нарушения Пользователем настоящих Правил.

4.2.6. In demand of User Online24Fix obligated to provide information on questions of work with Program by means of e-mail.

4.2.7. Online24Fix is obligated to provide information about updating of current Program, going out during the term of the use of Program User.

4.2.8. Online24Fix is obligated to remove possible programmatic failures in-process Program, arising up through fault of Online24Fix, on the basis of request of User, except for the cases when such failures were caused by the intentional actions of User.


5.1. Online24Fix does not assume responsibility for answering the of Program purpose of her use.

5.2. Online24Fix does not carry to responsibility: - for any actions of User, Programs constrained with the use of the given rights for the use;
- for the damage of any family, born by User from the grant of erroneous data necessary for correct work of Program, : error in a serial device number, error of the chosen version of sewing, error in the number of CRUM of printer/of MFU;
- for quality of services (including services of communication of data) necessary for work with Program, if they are organized by the third persons, not attracted Online24Fix.

5.3. An user accedes to that for work with Program User must use software (web-browsers, operating systems and other) and equipment (personal computers, network equipment and other) produced and given by the third persons, and Online24Fix can not bear responsibility for quality of their work.

5.4. In case if the loss of data (sewing), or failure, in the receipt of prepared FIX happened through fault of Online24Fix, he accepts all necessary measures for renewal of data (FIX) up to a return lost by User as a result of such failure of sum.

5.5. In case if the loss of data (FIX) was caused by the actions of User, renewal of data is produced on demand, directed to Service of Support. Renewal of data is produced only on condition of presence of economic feasibility.

5.6. In case if User brought in Program erroneous data and FIX generated, that falls short of to the that vehicle at that targeted, service of Online24Fix is not undertaken by responsibility for it. To correct such error is not possible. Facilities spent by User here not subject a return.

5.7. The repeated generuting of FIX is in случаяе described in п.п. 5.5., on the basis of new data, paid by User from his checking account. Money does not return User.

5.8. Online24Fix has a right, notifying User, to interrupt the grant of access to Program in case of realization of плановых works. Such interruptions ignore time of Program inaccessibility. Advising about realization of плановых works is taken to all users through Program by an information message.

5.9. The reserve printing-down of data comes true every day. Depth of storage of back-up copies - 30 calendar days.

5.10. Renewal of data from back-up copies, is an additionally pay service and given on demand.

5.11. Nonoperability of different segments of network the internet outside the zone of responsibility of Online24Fix, calling inaccessibility Programs for User, ignore time of Program inaccessibility.


A receipt, treatment, use, storage and protection of the personal data and another information, got Online24Fix from Users of Service, takes place in accordance with Politics of treatment and protection of the personal data to ( User it is also necessary to study and accept the terms of Politics of treatment and protection of the personal data before the further use of Program.

7.1. In case of origin of question or problem during work in Program, User can will appeal to Online24Fix with an appeal.

7.2. An appeal can be as though:
it is a program error;
it is a request for the grant of information;
and it can be executed through Center Supports and e-mail on the address of
Идеи and suggestions on development of Program does not behave to the appeals and are recorded through the system of collection of reviews and suggestions to address of ххххххххх.

7.3. Maximal time of reaction on appeals is 1 working day.

7.4. Appeals, sent by means of e-mail must be directed on behalf of the email address registered in Program.

7.5. Requests for confidential information, including financial questions, must be executed from Proprietor or Administrator Online24Fix.

7.6. At the dispatch of query without the observance of requirements of п. 7.2, п. 7.4 and п. 7.5 treatment of appeal will pass without the observance of the obligations set by the real Rules.

7.7 After the acceptance of appeal in treatment, on pin email notification leaves User about registration of request on the basis of appeal.

7.8. Online24Fix reserves a right to apply for clarification of information on demand, in those cases, when to the information indicated in an appeal it will be not enough for implementation of query of User. An user in this case is obligated to give the inquired information.

7.9. При закрытии заявки службой поддержки Online24Fix: — Пользователю на контактный email отправляется оповещение о завершении работ по заявке с развернутым ответом на запрос или описанием предлагаемых действий по решению проблемы;
— Пользователь выполняет проверку предложенных решений со стороны службы поддержки.

7.10. An user is right to reopen the completed request, if the offered solution or answer did not appear exhaustive for closing of appeal.

7.11. Online24Fix is obligated to render to User technical support and informative Program maintenance in the flow of all term of work within the framework of Package or term of action of the purchased licensed Package.

7.12. Online24Fix is not under an obligation to carry out technical support of platform of User : the work station, components of the operating system, web- browser and other software, and similarly printers, МФУ and FIX to them generated by other services.

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