Today an office equipment is present practically in every office, and so highly sought printed device, as printer, is present not only in large office building but also at home for the most ordinary users. Work of printer supposes a necessity addition to expense material, priming of cartridges is very actual therefore.

However, as practice shows, only priming business is not limited to. The point is that from recent pores the producers of the printed technique began to apply in her firmwares that monitoring amount of the printed pages and limit him. Upon termination of limit a printer or Multifuntions Device is blocked and persistently does not wish to print constantly signaling a "red bulb", that it is necessary to replace a toner cartridge. In turn as a return measure allowing to the users to economize facilities on acquisition of expensive new expense/pl materials appeared such service, as install fix firmware of printer.

We offer to you the firmwares (of fix), that will allow the resheduling of printer with an electronic chip. To date it is only possibility to go round acquisition of new cartridges and continue the use your equipment periodically filling up a toner in a cartridge.